Message from the president

Making mechanical parking system into part of the infrastructure.

Now car society appears all over the world, congestion of the car has become a problem in inner cities.

It seems that Ministries of Construction and Ministries of Transport in various countries rush to take measures of centralizing main road management and securing parking spaces.

In emerging cities, parking systems have come to be incorporated as part of the infrastructure in the designing phase at time of the urban planning and the urban development.

Thankfully, our parking systems are appreciated because of good track record, durability, safety, cost-effective, efficiency of parking, they are installed for several thousand cars and are running smoothly, in Japan (4000-cars accommodation) of course, in Romania (tower parking 84-cars), in Australia (tower parking 141-cars), in Singapore (tower parking 96-cars), in Iran (tower parking 168-cars), in China, in Taiwan, in Korea.

The biggest feature of our parking is that the unit price of per a car unit be more inexpensive by increasing capacity of the parking lot, and that is suitable for large parking system.

We are going to put our focus on the world such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Turkey, India etc, and provide more smart and rational parking systems by technical cooperation.

We signed a technical collaboration contract with Dalian Ship Engine Industry Co.,Ltd (state-owned) in August 2012, and also started trading in earnest with China.

In China non-exclusive contract has been signed with two major companies currently.

Moreover, about motorcycle parking, negotiations have been started with each local government in Japan, each Ministry of Construction and each Ministry of Transport in Southeast Asia and so on.

M.P.E.corporation President YORIO MIYAJI

October 2012